How can MedHealthClaims improve my office cash flow?

First we start by setting up your account to file electronically. Electronic billing will allow us to drastically reduce the time required for you to receive your revenue. Secondly, we continually follow-up all denials and any claims over 45 days outstanding. Many times when the billing is done in-house, the daily procedures are promptly billed, but the staff is often too busy to re-file the denials. These claims will continue to get backlogged and can account for a substantial amount of additional revenue. In addition, our service will allow you to reduce your cost and minimize the need to upgrade computer equipment and software.

What can be done about my old receivables?

MedHealthClaims appeals old receivables and has success collecting from previously denied claims. We have many clients that are totally committed to MedHealthClaims RCM because of our ability to collect on old claims where others had failed. No other billing company works old claims like we do!

How long it will take for me to receive payment?

If MedHealthClaims is able to file electronically, you should see your revenue within 2 weeks. Paper billing typically ranges from 4 to 6 weeks.

Who does the patient call for billing questions?

The patient should call us for any billing questions. MedHealthClaims places our number on every statement we send out. One of the advantages our service provides is the ability to reduce your call volume

How much it will cost me to use your services?

Our standard pricing is 3.9% of your monthly collection but for few prices can vary greatly depending on the claim volume and the services requested. MedHealthClaims is competitively priced and you will ultimately save money using our service when you take into account your total cost savings. We would be pleased to undertake your billing to make it more efficient for you. We have never lost a client due to pricing. For a free analysis of your practice, please contact a MedHealthClaims representative today at (732) 619-0600.

How do you handle clinics with multiple physicians, like an Ambulatory surgery center?

All physicians are linked together to provide summation and statistical reports for the clinic. However, every procedure is tied to a specific patient and a specific physician. This allows us to give a detailed report to each physician: even if that one patient sees multiple physicians. MedHealthClaims has a client with almost 100 providers in a multi-site clinic