About us

MedHealthClaims RCM services range from filing claims electronically all the way up to full practice management involving the posting of payments received from insurance companies, filing claims with secondary/tertiary insurances, and billing patients for any remaining balance after insurance has paid its share. We also offer our clients the benefit of monthly practice management reports that aid providers in making critical business decisions affecting the practice.

Sending the claims out has never been a tough task for any practices, and we are specialized in the decreasing the Accounts receivables of any practices by studying and analyzing office billing workflow and increasing the first pass acceptance ratio which ultimately results in to increased and higher revenue. Our highly trained professionals coupled with the claims scrubbing engine take care of getting the claims paid in first submission. It is a fact that all late payments are an ultimate loss to the practice, and that is where MedHealthClaims RCM helps. We also track Account Receivables aggressively and manage collections and denials very efficiently using our team of professionals.

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MedHealthClaims has been the trusted Medical Billing service partner to many of the small and large health care organizations for over a decade. We offer complete Revenue Cycle Management services to all the physician offices and hospitals throughout United States.

Our highly experienced team of insurance specialist and web-based claims processing and payment tools allow us to manage medical organizations with a depth of revenue cycle management clarity rarely seen in the industry. We guarantee 99% first-time clean claim acceptance rate from client to payers, which promotes faster payments, improved staff productivity and peace of mind knowing that you are in the same trusted hands and state-of-the-art environment as many of the largest submitting health care organizations in the country.

MedHealthClaims is focused on both clinical and billing care of practices that are aligned with the CMS vision of better health, better care, and reduced costs. MedHealthClaims provides guidance at every step of the clinical documentation, and hence, the resultant super bill itself reflects far better compliance to payers’ adjudication system. It is no surprise that MedHealthClaims RCM services boasts of 98% first pass acceptance!

Revenue Cycle Management is indeed a different ball game than traditional RCM or popularly known “Medical billing services”. In traditional Billing model, physicians’ offices relied on the outsourced billing agencies to collect based on the super bills filled by physicians and sent out to the billing companies for data entry, claims processing, and collections through follow-up. Seen from the perspective of a lay person, this is nothing but an outsourcing of a typical biller’s roles and responsibilities without considering any contribution of the path-breaking initiatives of our nation’s law makers, HITECH Act, and the Meaningful Use.


The Insurance Specialists at MedHealthClaims assigned to work with a physician’s office build on such a compliance-perfect foundation and infuse their rich industry knowledge and edits related to “bundling and un-bundling” of codes to increase reimbursements compared to traditional outsourced billing agencies.

Not only this but also MedHealthClaims revenue cycle management offerings provide hospitals and health systems with total control over their ICD-10 coding, compliance, and reimbursement data and payment processing. Moving a step ahead we also contribute 100% in helping and guiding provider offices to achieve the Meaningful Use incentive bonus for stage 1,2 and 3 because getting provider offices paid for their skills and hard work is ultimately a part of revenue cycle management services.

With the fast approaching Meaningful Use Stage 2, physicians’ offices would have to be prepared to implement Patient Portal and broad range of interoperability for the “Transition of Care”. Where would small physician offices find time and resources to manage their in-office billing? Adapting our Revenue Cycle Management services, such as, MedHealthClaims seem to be a safer choice because we believe “A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned”.


  • An end-to-end Integrated Technology solution
  • Complete Medical Billing services (RCM)
  • ICD 10 Professionals
  • Six levels of edits including custom edits
  • 98% first pass acceptance
  • Dedicated single-point-of contact for complete solution and services
  • Extensive reporting
  • 24/7 support
  • Highly experienced billing professionals
  • Tremendous time/cost saving and cash flow improvement
  • Flat percentage base fee
  • Your money is your money (Checks come to you)
  • Meaningful Use Assistance (Register, Implement, Attest, Audit, Payment)